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Things that make you go hmmm!

So over the last 30 years of being in this business (22 years owning Bi-State), I have been filled with countless points of useless knowledge.  Now d

News | March 31

Energy Savings

Let’s talk energy savings… In your house right now, what type of light bulbs do you have in your fixtures?  Have you replaced your furnac

News | March 16

What is Carecraft?

Carecraft is a buying group that Bi-State Pool & Spa is a proud member of.  Being one of the first in the area to belong to this group of pool pr

News | February 25

Who is the best?

It is always funny to me when I am purchasing a product from a salesman and they tell me “ours is the best”.  Everything in life has pros

News | February 16

2016 here we come!

Are you ready for 2016?  We have been gearing up for it and have many options available for you this year.  Of course, our traditional cleaning pack

Maintenance - News | January 27

What ya waiting for?

While we don’t want to jinx ourselves, I love making posts about the winter weather so far this year.  The long range forecast looks great and

Maintenance - News | December 17

Snow Removal

As we get into the chilly part of the year, we are always looking for great staff to assist us with snow removal.  Beyond the traditional “hop

News | December 01

Price increases

So do you think pool companies get asked “what do you do during the winter?”  The answer is all the time!  Fortunately, our clientele is

News | December 01