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Pool Closing

Deluxe Pool Closing

  • Pool is vacuumed and lowered to proper water level
  • Chemicals are added (sanitizer / pH adjustment / algaecide)
  • System lines are blown with air and anti-freeze added
  • Ladders / handrails removed
  • Cover installed
  • Follow up service call December – January to lower water level (if needed) and adjust / replenish chemicals (algaecide / sanitizer / pH adjust)

Standard Pool Closing

  • Delete last bullet from Deluxe Pool Closing and you have a Standard Pool Closing.  Please remember that pool surfaces are just as susceptible to damage during the winter as they are during the summer.  Water Chemistry is always important.

Partial Closing

  • Lines are blown out, antifreeze added and remove plugs / add plugs as needed to pumps / filters / feeders, etc.
  • Customer is responsible for covering pool, adding winterization chemicals / algaecide, removing ladders and vacuuming pool

2019 Prices:

Deluxe Pool Closing $449.00
Standard Pool Closing $349.00
Partial Closing $199.00
Commercial Closing Call For Prices