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Pool Opening

Standard Opening

  • Remove Cover
  • 5lbs dry or 5 gals liquid shock
  • Install handrails and ladders
  • Remove all winter plugs and store on-site
  • Purge gas line and start heater (if applicable)
  • Vacuum / brush pool or hose deck for up to 30 minutes.
  • Backwash sand filter
  • Inspect and operate auto cleaner (if applicable)
  • Full diagnostic of equipment system

Deluxe Opening

  • In addition to the above, a follow up service call will be completed within 3 – 6 days to vacuum your pool (up to 30 minutes) and clean your filter

2019 Prices

Deluxe Pool opening – Before April 15th*                           $424.00
Deluxe Pool opening – After April 15th*                              $499.00
Standard Pool opening – Before April 15*                           $339.00
Standard Pool opening – After April 15*                              $399.00
Clean & store cover at our facility until pool closing          $195.00
Deliver with Opening –  25 lbs. 3″ tablet chlorine               $99.00
Deliver with Opening –  salt as needed for salt system     $12/bag

* Pay for service before March 10th and save $20.00


Before we arrive for your opening:

IMPORTANT! – You must fill your pool 3″ above its normal operating level so that we may properly start all of your equipment and have the ability to vacuum to waste.

Although we can in no way guarantee that your pool will be “swimable” or perfect at the end of a standard pool opening, you can always request extra cleanings. This extra cleaning is to be completed only with prior consent from you.  Our deluxe opening package includes the extra cleaning, re-adjusting your chemicals and cleaning your filter.

Owner is responsible for inspection and repair of:gates and fences, safety of deck area (drainage of water and non-skid), maintaining water level, mineral content of fill water. We do not provide a Full Safety or APSP National Codes Inspection as part of our regular service.