Chlorine Shortage Could Spoil Summertime Fun In Swimming Pools

Happy May to all of our customers!  Many calls are coming in because of the news stories that have been hitting the airwaves.  We have shared one of those stories from the Today Show.  Last year when we thought things couldn’t get any more crazy, a hurricane hit Lake Charles, La.  What resulted was a huge fire and the destruction of the largest plant for the largest manufacturer of chlorine, resulting in a large supply chain issue.  What we did as a company was purchased our limit of chemical in 2020 in forethought of this possible occurrence.  Even with this, we still will likely run out of chemical in 2021.  Our chemical pricing, along with pricing for steel goods, wood (for framing pools / concrete), PVC pipe, vinyl liners, etc in some cases have more than doubled.  As a company, we are doing all that we can to reduce costs.  Our 20,000 s.f. warehouse, which we never thought would fill up, is filled up with goods as supply chain shortages continue to ravage our industry (compiled with the freezing temperatures in Texas which caused exponential supply issues).  In the interim, what you can do is look into salt chlorine generators (about 80% of our pools already have these), alternative chemicals, UV systems (but they also require the use of tri-chlor, which is in short supply), etc.  With the labor shortage and explosion of new customers, we appreciate your patience as our labor pool is extremely stretched.  We are constantly looking to expand our labor pool and thank you for your understanding as many of our services are delayed this year.  As we get into warmer weather, we want to wish you a fun filled summer!  Cannonball!

Chlorine Shortage Could Spoil Summertime Fun In Swimming Pools

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