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Freeze / Thaw

Posted on 12/09/2015 | Maintenance

With 70 degrees forecasted, we couldn’t be happier for mid-December.  At some point however, the ground will freeze, the snow will fall and we will begin going through freeze / thaw cycles in the midwest.  Pools in the midwest are build much differently than those in the southern climates.  The shells are thicker, piers are placed, extra steel is used… all of this because our shells can expect movement.  Some pool decks and some pools have expansion joints in them.  These joints are meant to accept certain levels of freeze and thaw and allow our concrete to move without severe damage.  It is important to look at these caulk joints to see if the material needs to be replaced in them or not,  The caulking used in these joints must also be of the correct thickness in order to be effective.  Whereas the old adage, “more is better”, in the case of caulking, you want the joints be be approximately 1/2 the depth of the width of the joint.  This allows for expansion of the material.  So next time you are poolside (which we realize may not be as often during the winter months), look at these joints.  If they are improperly installed or missing, you could see a lot of movement in your deck.  Everybody knows that reindeer don’t like to run Santa’s sleigh over a bumpy deck.  Merry Christmas to all this winter season and continue to pray for winter-time 70 degree days… us pool folks love it!

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