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Lifeguard – Safety First

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Posted on 05/09/2016 | Uncategorized

I once watched a mother yell at a lifeguard for pulling her kid out of the water.  As I was watching the child from across the pool, I too was on my way over to assist when I saw the lifeguard spring into action.  As she grabbed the child and assisted him to the side of the pool, she was met with a mother who said that the lifeguard had scared her child to death and that he certainly would’ve made it to the side without her assistance.  I stepped in and informed the mother that the lifeguard did exactly the correct thing and that the motto “when in doubt, pull them out” went into effect.  In this case, there was actually little doubt, the child had the “snorkel lips” (where the lips are extending to the surface) and the child was “slapping” at the water without making any forward progress.  A classic example of a distressed swimmer.  I made sure that the lifeguard felt great about herself and letting her know that she had indeed saved that boys life.  Might the boy have made it to the side?  Might the mom have jumped in to save the child?  Sure!  But when in doubt, pulling the child out is the best course of action.  When a police officer sees someone pointing a gun at someone, he doesn’t wait for them to pull the trigger to see if the person is actually going to go through with a shooting, they are pro-active in saving the day.  They also say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Preventing an accident from occurring is much better that tending to that accident after it has occurred.  So when a lifeguard tells you something, please listen, they have a reason for saying what they are saying.

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