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Price increases

Posted on 12/01/2015 | News

So do you think pool companies get asked “what do you do during the winter?”  The answer is all the time!  Fortunately, our clientele is very diverse and a collection of residential and commercial customers.  A commercial account usually cannot say “close my pool down for a week and re-surface it” during the middle of the summer, whereas a residential customer very well may do this when their family is away on vacation.

Talking about vacation, has anyone seen the movie National Lampoons Vacation?  Where Clark Griswold says “we’re buying a pool with my Christmas bonus” only to find out that he actually got a certificate to jelly of the month club.  This scene always cracks us up, but in reality, now is a great time to purchase a pool.  While we don’t offer discounts during the winter, our pricing typically goes up on January 1.  Not because we want to increase our prices, but because our manufacturers increase the price that we pay, which we must pass along.  On average, this price increase is approximately 3% every year.

So if you haven’t bought that HUGE present this year, wrap a bow around a pool and put it under the tree!  Swimming pools are not great financial investments.  You will probably not get the price that you paid for your pool back out of the sale of your house, but the family enjoyment and knowing where your kids are, I feel, far outweigh the cost.  If I want to track any one of our kids down, chances are I just need to open the back door and find them enjoying themselves.  Rarely do I see them sitting around a jar of jelly saying “what flavor did we get this month”.  Merry Christmas to all of our great customers!

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