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Thanksgiving @ Bi-State

Posted on 12/01/2015 | Uncategorized

Tomorrow we give thanks for all of our staff, customers, friends and family.  What a blessing it is to get to put fun in peoples back yards!  You have to wonder if the pilgrims and indians had a public pool to go to and socialize with each other, they probably never would’ve went to war.  Every day could’ve been turkey day and we would all roll around this earth as pudgy little pilgrims!

Our Black Friday special is that we won’t be open for business and hope that all families get a chance to enjoy the holidays.  If you are looking for a deal on a pool however, give us a call as all projects are as custom as the back yards that they sit in.  What does happen every year however is that pricing typically goes up in February as the manufacturers raise the price of their goods to us, which we in turn have to pass along to our customers, so by ordering sooner, we can pass those savings on.  And while you say “it is only three percent”, on a large ticket item, this can often equate to thousands of dollars in savings.

Again, best holiday wishes, don’t forget to swim to get rid of those Thanksgiving calories and God Bless you and your family this Thanksgiving!

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